"She supports me in everything I do." "I do support her in every way."


I wanna fucking kiss someone I actually have feelings for. no stupid pointless hookups that leave you lonely at night. I wanna kiss someone and wake up in their arms the next day. I wanna receive the love I give. I just want something real.

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small dreamy sigh

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if the ahs fandom wasn’t ruled by homosexuals, it would be boring

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Here we have Ed’s reaction to the police vs. drugged-up crazies chaos.

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 I am tough. But I’m no cookie. 

i feel you so much. i’ve been excited for the pokemon game since it was announced and i have a trial version (which is around 30 mins play time) but i just haven’t been bothered i put it down :(


I hope you do get that excitement back

Everything’s just bleh. It’s weird because video games normally give me life but it just seems so bland at the moment. Can’t be bothered with any of it

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I’m so put off life that I can’t even be bothered with video games. 

A relationship where you can act like complete idiots together is the sweetest thing ever.
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and then satan said “here, have feelings”

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georgieeisdell: I whip my hair back and forth @diannaagron

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First commission done for chriscopelandart! Thanks for having me draw my favorite character ever. :D

Commission slots are still open. See here for details.

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